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Hi! I’m Reese H.

“My life is my message”

I am a scuba diving enthusiast, passionate about sharing where to scuba dive, especially focusing on the best scuba diving in Florida through my scuba diving blog. Along the way will highlight the benefits of scuba and snorkeling for wildlife education and conservation.

shark dive
Underwater Photography by Maria Sage-Umana

This blog is a direct result of my desire to promote the positive in SCUBA, snorkeling, and wildlife conservation. Highlighting the best scuba diving in Florida and around the world.

I teach high school Zoology Honors at THE best high school in Tampa, FL. Ten years now – wow time flies…

Teaching is my 3rd career. I have reinvented myself from event designer to environmental planner, to teacher over the last 20 years.

I dedicate this blog to my ladies, class of “2020”, that said I should “go digital” and reach more people with my exciting scuba adventures and positive wildlife stories. At first, I thought “no way I have the time!” but during Covid, I said, “why the h*ll not!”.

So, thanks to my students, and my own passion for scuba and wildlife conservation – here I am!

Thanks for being a part of it all! P.S. Read my next post: My Five Best Wildlife Moments!

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“…I just want to wander in the wild”
Jane Goodall


  • Shelly

    Oh my gosh! Your blog is incredible! I’ve always loved following your adventures, so happy to have it all here in one place.
    Continue living your best life, Reese! Thanks for taking us along!

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