7 Engaging & Educational Holiday Gifts For Ages 5+, Teacher Approved!!!!!

Here are seven engaging gifts that are educational too!

Budget-friendly too, because each one is under $20.00.

I have been a teacher for 11 years. I bought these as gifts or for my own classroom this year.

Make sure you check out the last one on the list. It’s my all-time favorite!

To make things even easier they are all found on AMAZON. No exhausting trips to the store!

Full Disclosure: I am an independent teacher/blogger, and all blog posts are based on my own opinions. Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase, I will earn a commission.

Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from any purchases.


1. Build Your Own Dinosaurs Sticker Book – Incredible Quality for the Price

Ages 8 and up $12.99

The detail in this book is incredible! I teach an entire unit around dinosaur evolution. I am very impressed with the colorful and true-to-life drawings in this book. Dinosaurs are much more diverse than what is portrayed in movies. This is one of the few books that accurately reflects this.

Plus, it gives a glimpse into dinosaur anatomy and statistics on each dinosaur.

I photocopy pages in this and use it as a “hook” at the start of my dinosaur evolution lesson. A bonus for the environment too – the book is printed on “paper from a sustainable source”.


2. Music Cats, 500 Piece Puzzle – It’s Gonna Make You Smile 😊

Ages 8 and up $13.99

I have to include the only puzzle that made me stop and smile when I saw it on the store shelf this year.

Other shoppers must have thought so too. When I went back to buy it a few days later at World Market, it was sold out.

Luckily, Amazon still has it in stock.

I can’t think of a better way of spending a cold holiday evening with the whole family putting this together with cocoa in front of a warm fire.

I suggest making a playlist of songs to go along with the cats in the puzzle.


3. Chomp Champ Game – “ A JAWSOME Game Of Fast-Acting Fun”

Ages 5-99, 3-5 Players $14.99

A family game night with sharks, shark teeth, and colorful cards filled with ocean animals?!! Count me in – what’s not to love?

Add this new and exciting twist to your family game night.


4. Green Planet, Life in our Woods and Forests by Moira Butterfield

A Book For All Ages $19.99 Hardcover

Green Planet is written and illustrated to educate children about different habitats. Highlighting each habitat’s unique ecological connections between plants and animals. I love that it includes little details like the importance of a beetle in an ecosystem.

If you like this book, also check the other two books in this series: Red Planet and Blue Planet.

As expected with a book about nature, it is printed FSC-certified paper.


5. The Ocean Unseen Calendar- 2022
“Celebrate the extraordinary and diverse life underneath the waves”

For Nature & Science Lovers Of Any Age $14.99

 Such beautiful marine photography, combined with interesting information about the animals in each photo.

Your family will look forward to learning about a new marine animal each month.

Added bonus, this too is printed on FSC-certified paper.


6. Paint By Sticker Kids – Zoo Animals   #1 AMAZON BEST SELLER

Ages 5 and up $8.99

My awesome mom friend told me she uses these types of sticker books on long trips to keep her kids engaged in the car or when flying on a plane.

As a teacher, I suggest adding interesting research about each animal in the book. There is plenty of room to do this o the back of the pictures. Details like the animal’s location, habitat, diet, lifespan, characteristics, & fun facts.

This is a #1 Amazon bestseller in children’s games and books. 18,000 5-star ratings can’t be wrong!

Also available in other animals like dinosaurs, unicorns, and Christmas



Ages 6 and up $9.95

I love the marine science educational quality of this “sticker book”.

It’s incredibly engaging and filled with common as well as unique ocean animals.

Lots of species most kids have never heard of (vampire squid, anyone?). Then each sticker has cool facts underneath – did you know a sea turtle can hold its breath for 5 hours!  

The entire book is jammed-packed with “real” marine science packaged in such a fun way.

I photocopy the pages for my students to cut up and make graphic organizers out of. That’s how well done this book is!

Plus it’s only $9.95! I wish I created this product.

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