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I’m sharing ten easy SCUBA Diving Hacks I’ve collected over the years from all my different diving experiences.

I use this collection of SCUBA tips and tricks all the time. Some of these hacks I’ve figured out on my own and others I have “borrowed” from other divers and dive buddies.

Disclosure: I am an independent blogger, and all blog posts are based on my own opinions. I link these products because of their quality and not because of any commission I might receive from purchases.

1. XL Carabiner Clip

I always have 2 or 3 of these

2. Pre-Treat Your Mask With An Antifog Gel

Every diver has their favorite type of defogger. I used baby shampoo for a long time, but every mask is different. I hate mask fog, and my current mask eats baby shampoo for breakfast. Constantly rinsing my mask underwater to get rid of mask fog ruins my dive.

Now use I Spit Antifog Gel. I only use the gel, it is a better quality product than the spray version.

To get even better results I put a thin layer of Spit on my mask lens the night before I dive. Then I do a quick rinse with seawater in the morning.

I prefer rinsing with seawater. I had a divemaster tell me never to use freshwater to rinse a mask, and I stick to this advice as much as I can. True or not, I’m not sure – but it works for me.

3. Neoprene Water Fin Sock Diving Wetsuits Sock 3MM for Women Men, Thermal Beach Sock Anti Slip Flexible for Snorkeling Surfing Kayaking Swimming Sailing Diving (L)“>3mm pair of SCUBA socks on top.

This hack really helps keep my feet warm when diving during the colder months (cold for Florida that is!).

4. Dry Mouth Spray

I get a dry mouth when I SCUBA dive. I know this sounds crazy since I am in the water the entire time.

On a dive boat, I once saw a woman using Biotene mouth spray right before she put her regulator in and entered the water. I stole this idea and I love it. It doesn’t completely stop dry mouth but it really helps out a lot.

Really any brand of minty mouth spray helps. When I run out of my dry mouth spray (and forget to buy more) my backup is always Listerine pocket mist mouth spray.

SCUBA DIve Wrist Slate

5. Yup, Magic Eraser!

Magic Eraser – it’s not just for walls! It’s THE BEST for quickly cleaning dive slates.

I keep a ½ of one in a small dry box with my scuba tools.

9. Reef Safe Sunscreen

The first time I heard about reef-safe sunscreen was 9 years ago when I was getting back into diving. It was required for a whale shark research trip that I participated in as a “teacher scientist”. I couldn’t find it at any U.S.A. drugstore. I found one brand on Amazon for $40.00!!!  I bought a cheaper “organic” one and figured that was good enough.

I learned two things about sunscreen on this trip: 1. Reef-safe sunscreen was in every drug store in Cancun Mexico and was only $5.00 a bottle!!! 2. Why reef-safe sunscreen is sooooo important for reef health.

Oxybenzone is the main culprit, but you can read the entire list of 12 toxic ingredients here. Oxybenzone kills the algae that live in coral tissues. Killing the algae coral depends to live on stresses or kills coral (through negative DNA impacts, abnormal growths, and coral bleaching).

My favorite brand is Stream 2 Sea, it’s available on Amazon and made by a small business located in the Florida Keys.

An Elastic Hair Tie Works Much Better Than Cheap Snorkel Clips

10. Easy DIY Snorkel “Clip”

Ok this tip I don’t use all the time because I hate SCUBA diving with a snorkel. I prefer to keep a roll-up one in a pocket on my B.C.

However, when I am required to use a snorkel or am out snorkeling, I use an elastic hair tie. A hair tie works much better than the cheap plastic clips most snorkels come with.

To use: Twist the elastic in figure 8 around the left side of the mask band and slide the snorkel through the two loops of figure 8. It couldn’t be any more cheap, simple, or easy.

Well, I hope these hacks help out your SCUBA diving adventures. Be sure to comment with your own SCUBA diving tips or tricks.

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