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Hi! I am Reese H.­­­­

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This blog is a direct result of my desire to promote the positive in wildlife conservation. Replacing the often overwhelming “gloom and doom” coverage of wildlife in the media.

I teach high school Zoology Honors at THE best high school in Tampa, FL. Ten years now – wow time flies…

Teaching is my 3rd career. I have enjoyed and had success at all three. I have transitioned from event designer to environmental planner, to teacher over the last 30 years.

I dedicate this to my ladies, class of “2020”, that said I should “go digital” and reach more people with my positive wildlife stories. At first, I thought “no way I have the time!” but during Covid, I said “why the h*ll not!”.

So thanks to my students, and my own passion for wildlife conservation – here I am!

Thanks for being a part of it all, P.S. Keep Scrolling to read four of my most memorable wildlife moments!
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“…I just want to wander in the wild”
Jane Goodall

MY TOP FIVE Memorable Wildlife Moments

1. Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Researching whale sharks an hour off the coast of Isla Mujeres.
I was in between two 20′ whale sharks and three 10′ manta rays when my fin strap broke! I was worried I was going to get hit by a whale shark!

2. Belize, Mexico

Diving off the coast of Ambergris Key, I saw a huge 300 lb loggerhead turtle. Instead of swimming away from me, I was excited when he swam toward me, stopped right in front of me, and stared at me for what seemed like minutes. He turned away and swam back towards me 2-3 more times before the other scuba divers in our group saw me and headed over in my direction.

3. West Palm Beach, Florida

I finally felt experienced enough to participate in a shark dive that I had heard about for 7 years – but did not have the guts to go. When I finally did, the entire day will always be a highlight of my diving experience. However, it also ticked a big “bucket list item” for me. I saw my first hammerhead shark.

4. Playas Del Coco, Costa Rica

I was so excited to get back on the boat to tell everyone about the octopus “smack-down” fight I saw underwater. When I exuberantly climbed up the ladder, ready to tell my story – the other group of divers was talking about the pilot whales that bumped into them on their safety stop! No one (including me) was interested in hearing my octopus story after that.